Arthurs Seat Chair Lift Plan Approved

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Plans for a gondola chairlift at Arthurs Seat have been approved after a "dramatic" council meeting on Monday night. Mornington Peninsula Shire councillors voted 5-4 in favour of the gondola's hotly contested planning permit, which has been dogged in delays and controversy for years.

The multimillion-dollar "skylift" would follow the same route as the original chairlift, which closed down several years ago due to structural and mechanical failures. But the top-most station of the new lifts would be closer to the summit.

The lifts will run seven days a week, as late as 11pm on weekends for the first year. The $14 million attraction will also include a new viewing tower and cafeteria. The redeveloped lifts would be able to cater for the elderly and people with disabilities while the former lifts could not. The new lifts of eight-seater gondolas would also provide for a more unique chairlift experience



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