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Sorrento is one of the most scenic and popular seaside towns in Victoria, with a beautiful calm bay on one side and a roaring surf beach on the other separated only by great shops, restaurants and cafes and it is easy enough to stroll between the two. This seaside town offers everything a day tripper could possibly want and if you need more time to see everything then there are some great places to stay.

Choose between several activities such as swimming with dolphins, snorkelling at nearby Portsea pier, surfing at the back beach, discover the walking tracks that include The Artists Trail, Millionaires Walk, Diamond Bay and the Back Beach Coastal Walk. Look around the museum and the many historical sites which include the old tram line, buildings in town, first settlement and graves. If all of that sounds a bit energetic for a lazy coastal break then take a good book, some fish and chips and relax in the sun on the shoreline. A visit to the Sorrento Park is always a must with our children, as is watching the Queenscliff Ferry come and go.

Sorrento is definitely the millionaires' playground complete with holiday homes offering cliff top bay views, tennis courts and swimming pools. 

There are many historic buildings in the main street of Sorrento, including Stringers, the newly closed post office, Hotel Continental and many more waiting for you to discover. 

And with Peninsula Link, Sorrento is even more easily accessible from the city only 107 km from Melbourne and takes approximately 1 hour and 24 minutes.


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