Junior Rangers @ Pt Nepean Nations Park

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The Junior Ranger program encourages kids to explore Victoria’s amazing Pt Nepean National Park in Portsea with a real park ranger. Junior Rangers can take part in activities like rock pool rambles, historic tours and spotlight night walks. They also have the ability to get out and about anytime they like with a range of Junior Ranger activities that they can download right here from the website and complete with their family and friends anytime they like. Junior Rangers is not a club; no membership is required to take part and Junior Ranger activities are run mostly during school holidays and on some weekends.

When school holidays roll around, make sure that you sign up for one of the many Junior Ranger activities on offer. You can discover marine life along the coast, wildlife in parks, go on an underground adventure tour or learn about the indigenous history of our parks along with lots of other great things!

Military Mysteries

Kids match moments in military time with awesome artifacts like cannonballs and bullet making clamps. This August, Point Nepean is commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the First Shot of the British Empire in WWI being fired from Fort Nepean. Junior Rangers get a front row seat to learn of that significant day and the important role Point Nepean has played in Australia’s military history. This indoor afternoon activity promises to keep the kids on the go no matter the weather.

Ocean Winter Games

Searching through seaweed and shells, signs and regulations, rubbish and sandtoys, we’ll be unleashing the inner beachcomber in all kids. And they won’t even need to get their feet wet! Indoor games like Untangle Me, Limpet Towers and other madcap madness will keep them busy and active. A perfect winter’s morning activity as it takes place indoors, and out of your lounge room!


1 July to 10 July



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