Things to do on the Mornington Peninsula

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There is always so MUCH TO SEE AND DO on the incredible and magnificent Mornington Peninsula.  Activities, events and attractions are endless, staying at one of our amazing MyCoastline Holiday Houses will put you in the middle of all the action the Peninsula has to offer.  Here are some of our favorites, however the list is endless:

Peninsula Hot Springs:

Hot springs, day spa and spa retreats!  So you’ve been promising yourself for weeks that you’ll take some ‘me time’ and relax? You’ll find life instantly slows down as you float in naturally hot mineral springs, gazing up at shady trees or the starlit sky.  But that’s just the start. Book a relaxing massage or treatment which will quickly turn tension into bliss. Just leave the phone behind and take a long soak in these beautiful thermal pools, followed by a hot coffee or cool wine.

Portsea Hotel Beer Garden:

One of the most amazing views in Victoria.  Book in an afternoon at the spectacular Portsea Hotel, where you can sit relax and watch the world go by!

Visit our amazing Wineries, our favorite the Horseback Winery Tour:

Want to ride through the beautiful vineyard region of Red Hill on horseback and taste award winning wines at ONE of Australia's finest wineries, T'Gallant, Mantons Creek, Green Olive at Red Hill, Mock orchard or Frog Hollow Estate. Then this two hour Horseback Winery Tour is the experience you’ve been waiting for.  This amazing compact ride has been designed for people who are time restricted but still want to experience all the wonder of horse riding and the picture perfect Peninsula. It is also ideal for those who are looking for a shorter time in the saddle.  Two sessions run on Sundays from 9-11am and 11:30-1:30pm; and just like the three hour ride, our two hour tour can be packaged with any of their wonderful partners.

We can help select you the perfect house for your precious time away to relax, unwind and rejuvinate.  Just call MyCoastline to book your weekend away.

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