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Eagles Nest and Fort Pearce

Eagles Nest once contained the largest disappearing gun, built in 1889. The barrel from this gun is located at the exit point of the former Quarantine Station on Defence Road. Positioned at one of the highest points in the Park, it is now home to a large radar tower that plays an important role in shipping. The signal from here is sent on to Melbourne and across to Queenscliff.

Fort Pearce was completed in 1910 and consisted of two gun emplacements, underground ammunition storage, connecting passages and an observation post. The Fort was closed in 1942 as it was too exposed to air attack and the two guns were moved to Cheviot Hill where they were more secure.

Nearby Pearce Barracks was the site of the living quarters for troops stationed at Point Nepean. The site shows what life in the barracks was like. Explore the fortifications and stop at the various look outs to take in the stunning views of Bass Strait and Port Phillip.