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Fort Nepean

Located at the very end of the peninsula, Fort Nepean enables you to step into the boots of the soldiers once posted there. Fort Nepean was a critical part of Victoria’s defences from the 1880s until 1945. It was the largest and most heavily armed installation in the network of fortifications around the entrance to Port Phillip, and today remains an outstanding example of the evolution of gun technology and Australia’s early defence strategies.  The first shot of the British Empire in WWI and the first Australian shots of World War ll were fired from Fort Nepean, earning its entry in military history.  These battlements were modified and used right up until the end of World War II.  

There’s lots to see, so allow at least one hour to discover what makes Fort Nepean so unique. Above and below ground you will find gun emplacements, barracks tunnels, ammunition magazines, and engine house and even a bomb-proof room.