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Mud Island

The Mud Islands have huge scientific and conservation significance they are listed on the National Estate list of wetlands and are included in the Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park.  They lie near the Heads about 5.5 km from land between Sorrento and Queenscliff and are a part of the Great Sand, the largest shoal in Port Philip Bay. The islands are mostly crushed shell sand anchored to outcrops of phosphate rock, a rare rock type that forms below accumulations of bird droppings.   

The islands are a bird lover’s paradise 87 different species have been seen there and it is one of Victoria’s most important breeding sites for water birds.  Amongst the 15 species which build their nests above the high water mark are seagulls, ibis, storm petrels, pelicans, terns, spoonbills and the beautiful little egret.  The lagoon is a holiday destination for thousands of intercontinental waders in the warmer months. 

Visitors should respect the birds and avoid causing them to leave their nests.  Unattended eggs or nestlings are vulnerable to predators.

South Bay Eco Adventures day trip to the Mud Islands includes an exclusive guided walk around the three Islands. It is a fantastic opportunity for bird enthusiasts to explore this unique wetland conservation area.